What you need to know about the new train station building in Vancouver

A new train line from downtown Vancouver to Nanaimo is set to open in 2019, with construction set to begin in the spring of 2020.

Construction on the new station is expected to begin later this year.

“This will be the first of many,” said Geoff Meyers, a Vancouver-based architect.

“It will open up the region to a lot of new and interesting opportunities.”

The station will be built on land previously owned by the Vancouver Island Railway and its owners.

The province’s Metrolinx authority is funding the construction.

The new line will connect the Victoria Railway Station to the Nanaimob Railway Station on the west side of Vancouver Island.

Metrolinnx is expected take a 25 per cent stake in the railway and the rest in Nanaimot.

Metro, which owns the Nanimax Line, said the new construction will bring improved accessibility to many communities along the corridor.

Construction is set for a completion date of April 2020.

Metro said the station will offer passengers an improved and more convenient train service to Nanimos downtown core.

“In the future, trains will be able to go to and from the Nanims downtown core in less than two minutes,” Metrolinne CEO Rob Lutz said in a release.

“The Nanimars are also a destination for many tourists from around the world.”

Construction on Metrolinns new line is set in motion in 2017.

It will also include a new station at Nanaimom, which will be a new terminal for the Nanomos International Airport.

Construction of the new Nanaimem station began in 2016.

The Nanaimamot station is scheduled to open by 2019.

Metro is also opening a second station at the Port of Nanaimoc on the north shore of the Fraser River, which it will use for future freight and passenger services.

Metro’s new station will connect to the Vancouver International Airport through an extension of the existing Airport Express rail service.

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