Why Japan’s building radhusets station is built to house nuclear waste

Japan’s nuclear building site for nuclear waste storage is part of the largest ever-built by the country, and the country has been exploring the idea for decades.

The site is in the city of Hiroshima, and it is home to an extensive underground underground complex that is thought to hold thousands of tons of waste, from the nuclear reactor to the waste stream and from the waste water to the river below.

A large part of that waste stream has been contaminated with radiation, and Japan has spent decades trying to clean it.

It’s also the source of radioactive materials that have been detected in areas like the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The waste is then shipped to a facility in the mountains for storage, but the new station in Hiroshima is designed to hold about 200 tons of spent nuclear fuel rods, a huge amount for a country that does not have the capital and industrial capacity to support a large-scale waste repository.

In its first months, the building has attracted a lot of attention, even from some outside observers.

The station is a complex of underground tunnels and tunnels that run under a mountain, and when it was completed in the early 2000s, it was the largest building in Japan, with about a quarter of a million square feet of space and nearly two thousand workers.

The construction has been in the works for years, and Japanese officials said they hoped to complete it by 2020.

But this month, they told a press conference that the project had been delayed due to a lack of funding and they would be using an international team to build the building.

That was a surprise to many, because the nuclear waste repository is the country’s biggest source of revenue and has been the site of an unprecedented amount of construction activity.

“The construction of this facility will help the nation’s nuclear energy sector develop rapidly,” the Japanese government said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Our construction activities in nuclear energy are already among the most efficient in the world.”

It added that the construction of the building will provide a major economic boost for the nation and help it overcome the “deficiency of its nuclear energy resources.”

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

This article has been updated to clarify the location of the site.

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