How to Build a Pen Pen Shop, a Pen Shop That Can Run 24/7

The building of a pen shop has long been an obsession of my dad.

He started the business by selling handmade pens, pens from the local pen trade and pens made by his friends in the United States.

In the 1960s, he had the idea to build a store and pen store, but he had to raise the funds to build the store and it took him several years to finally get it built.

He is still selling pens, and his pen store has become a landmark for the San Francisco Bay Area pen community.

Now, his store is home to a new branch of the Pen Store of America. 

My dad bought the building in the 1950s, when it was still called the Pen Shop Building.

The building was once a shoe store, which he sold to a company that built shoes.

Today, the building is home of the new Pen Store building, a glass building that serves as a parking lot for the store.

“I love the idea of this store, because you can bring a whole new group of people to the San Jose area.

I think it will help make San Jose a great place to live and work.

It will also help people who are coming here to live here, and it will create jobs,” he said. 

The building is about 20 feet wide, 16 feet tall, and 16 feet high.

It was built on the first floor of the building, which is about 6 feet from the top of the glass building.

The second floor is also about 6 to 8 feet wide.

The top floor is just a few feet off the ground.

The third floor is about 3 feet wide and has a window that can be opened to show a view of the street below.

The bottom floor is an 8-foot-tall building. 

“The top floor of this building has a lot of space, so we have the opportunity to create a beautiful space.

The idea of a glass-building building is really exciting to me.

It gives you a view and the possibility to see a little bit of the bay from the window, as well,” said John McLeod, who owns the building and owns the historic building.

John McLeod and his family have owned the building since it was built in the 1960’s.

The first floor is a parking area and the third floor has a patio area.

The main entrance to the building was originally built by the city of San Jose in 1965 and is a private residence.

The door to the home is a gift from the city and was originally opened in 1962.

It is also the home of McLeod’s father, whose family also owns the land on which the building sits.

The building features an outdoor fireplace and a kitchenette.

The glass building is one of two glass buildings in the San José area, along with the building at the corner of Broadway and La Brea Streets.

In 2016, the city completed the new building.

Now that the building has the necessary permits and is being completed, it will be able to serve as a temporary building and the city is looking to build out the building into a permanent structure, McLeod said.

The new building will be the home for the new San Jose Pen Store. 

One of the main things that drew my dad to this project was the ability to do a store that could be a community hub, a place where people could come together and get together to buy and sell their supplies. 

We also wanted to give back to the community by giving back to a lot that our community has already done for the community,” McLeod added.

This is the first Pen Store in San Jose to have a window opening, allowing people to see their community.

My dad said that it was a little surreal to have this building on his property.

It really was a beautiful building and it really was one of the best things that ever happened to my dad, he said in a recent interview.

I hope that people in San José are inspired by this building, and I hope that they have a wonderful time visiting the Pen Depot. 

For more information on the Pen store, visit

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