How to create a beautiful ‘Bachelor’ themed hotel

The best way to make a great bachelor/bachelorette hotel is to make it your own, according to the show’s hosts. 

“Bachelor” host Jeremy Kyle said the “perfect bachelor” would be a “beautiful” room, with a pool, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, and lots of private bedrooms, all within walking distance. 

We need to get away from our screens, Kyle said, because “the real world is so, so complicated.”

“The real world,” he added, “is just so full of rules, it’s so complicated, so, like, the more complicated the rules get, the harder it is to get along with the people you interact with.

So, if you want to have a great room, you need to make your own rules.” 

Kyle, who hosts “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and “The Bachelor” as well as the popular reality television series “Bachelor in Paradise,” said he was also looking forward to the day when “The Bacheloretts” ended, so that the host would have to travel to New York City to attend his wedding.

“I’m so excited to be able to go back to New Orleans,” he said.

“I think there’s a very, very good chance that the Bachelorettes will come back.

The Bachelor will go on for another 13 years.” 

But Kyle said that would be “a whole new world.”

“I think the most amazing thing about the show is that it’s not just a show about the Bachelor, it is also about the Bachelor, because they’re a couple, but it’s the Bachelor,” he continued.

“It’s the B-Team, so I think that is a very special moment in time for the Bachelor.” 

The host also said he would like to be “The Doctor,” a character from the show that could have come to life on a modern day, if he had been offered the role.

“The Doctor is like a doctor, but he’s a doctor and he’s also a superhero, and he does a lot of things that no normal person would do,” Kyle said. 

The Bachelor, he said, was “a good show, but you have to do what’s right for you.

So the B, the Doctor, he’s really a great character.” 

He then asked the audience to imagine what it would be like to have to go through the experience of being a “Doctor.”

“You know, there’s no doctor that would say, ‘Oh, I’m gonna take this pill that’s going to make me have sex with the next person that comes to my door.’

There’s no Doctor that would do that.

It would be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, right?” 

The “Bachelorettes” airs on TLC, and is available for streaming on the network’s app and the company’s website.

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