Why we’re so excited about the Rod Building, the new downtown stadium and the new Chargers

I spent the first week of March searching for a new home for the new San Diego Chargers.

The stadium is coming and the team is going to play in it.

The Chargers, the Chargers.

There are so many things to like about the new stadium and its construction.

The first is that it is located in the heart of the city and in one of the densest neighborhoods in the country.

There’s not a lot of land around here and I don’t think any team wants to have to move to the suburbs and start a new franchise that’s a little bit farther away from home.

And that’s great, but it’s also great because it will help the Chargers continue to build and grow and become a successful franchise.

The other thing about it is that the Chargers are going to have an ownership group that will be very much into sustainability.

It’s going to be a team that’s focused on the community, that’s really committed to the environment, that is really committed and committed to having a long-term vision for the Chargers franchise.

And it will be a franchise that will have the most dedicated fan base in sports, a franchise where you can feel a sense of pride in the team and be proud of it.

There will be more community involvement.

The fans are going go out and support the team, the coaches, the players and the staff, even though they are going be in a stadium that’s bigger than the rest of the NFL.

That’s going be a really special experience.

The biggest thing is that this stadium is going be the biggest in the NFL and it’s going get really, really loud.

It sounds crazy, but this stadium will be louder than the stadium where we’re playing the New England Patriots.

It will be really loud, because it’s the stadium with the biggest bleachers, the largest stadium and it is going on the second highest floor.

That means it’s probably going to get louder than a lot more NFL stadiums.

It is going get bigger and it will get louder and louder and that’s what’s going on with the Chargers right now.

The new stadium is huge, but that’s just the beginning.

The NFL is also really excited about this building, because they’ve done a really great job of trying to make the stadium look as futuristic as possible.

So you’re going to see the team come down and sit in the upper bowl, which is the same place that the Giants did, in front of a huge LED screen, a massive LED display, and you’re gonna see the Chargers coming down the tunnel.

The only difference is they’re going down in the middle of the stadium, not in the bottom.

So that’s going, that was a really, that will really be a unique experience for fans.

I’m excited to see it happen.

And then we’ll be seeing more details about the stadium over the next month.

We’ll have more information and pictures of the facility as we get closer to the construction.

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