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on the $7.9 billion rotunda renovation of the station building at the Lincoln Memorial article Rotunda station in the Lincoln National Historical Park. 

A photo taken on June 4, 2019, shows a portion of the Lincoln Tunnel’s massive rotunda, which is being rebuilt.

 A crane hoists the building’s structure above the Lincoln Museum in New York.

The rotunda is being used for the opening of the Museum of American History’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and other projects in 2019.

The Lincoln Memorial, located on the west side of the U.S. Capitol building, is the most visited tourist attraction in the nation.

It has been used by presidents, celebrities, and other government officials for more than 140 years.

The Lincoln Memorial rotunda and the rest of the historic building have been renovated many times, and it is often the first sight for visitors.

The renovation is expected to last 10 years, but the construction has started now.

There are many ways the building could be used, said Bob Mielke, the station’s general manager.

“The rotunda will be used for events like Lincoln Day and events like our spring tours, which we will be hosting for Lincoln’s birthday.

There are so many events that we can put on here that it will be a great addition,” Mielike said.

At $7,921,500, the Lincoln Rotunda is the second-highest budgeted project for the museum.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture’s $2.9 million renovation of its Rotunda was the third-highest.

Rotunda renovation The new $7 billion Lincoln Rotua was funded in part by a federal tax break and grants from the U

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