‘Bike on the Buses’ Announces a New Service to Portland

Bikes are rolling out of Portland International Airport.

In a sign that bikes are finally starting to get a seat on the bus, the bike sharing company InMotion is offering two new bike stations, one in Easton and one in Westport.

Bikes are now rolling out from Portland International to the following destinations: BikePortland: From Portland International: South Portland International, 4th Avenue and Northeast Hawthorne Boulevard (Portland, OR) Easton: From the Port of Portland: 4th Ave and Northeast Broadway (Portland) Westport: From Northeast Hawthorn Boulevard: Northeast Hawthood Street and Northeast Northeast Broadway to Northwest 4th (Portland; the Portland Bike Share program has expanded to serve more than 1,500 destinations.)

The company says its new stations will be available in the morning and afternoon on most of the routes and will be staffed by trained staff.

The stations also have a bike rack and will allow users to lock up their bikes when not in use.

“Our stations are located near the terminal where most people go to catch a flight or ride a train, and will provide a much-needed boost for Portland’s transit system,” InMotion said in a statement.

At the airport, the company has a bike share station for all of its customers.

As Portland’s transportation infrastructure improves, bike sharing is expected to grow as more people come to rely on the service, said Mark Wahlgren, senior director of marketing for the company.

Wahlgren said that with the introduction of a new bike sharing program at the airport and the growing number of bikes on the road, he expects to see more bike stations on the roads.

I don’t think we’re going to have any problems with the number of stations,” he said.

Portland BikeShare has already had success at the local level, with stations in Portland, Tigard, Tigerman and Tigard Heights.

A new bike share system will add another element to the mix, Wahlberg said.

The stations, which were announced Wednesday, are just the latest in a series of efforts by InMotion to expand its bike sharing offerings.

Last month, the Portland-based company expanded its network of stations in the Portland International Area, with a handful of stations planned in Portland and the Northwest.

It has also announced plans to launch a second bike sharing service in Portland on March 15.

With more and more people using bike sharing services in Portland now, the service is expected not only to grow but also to become more attractive to other local businesses.

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