How the X3TC station building in Emeryville, California became a fire station

When Emery-Fair Oaks station building burned in 2013, it wasn’t just the loss of the building’s primary building and many of its buildings that caused it to go up in flames.

Firefighters were forced to battle an epic battle that took place at the site, a place that has been in the community for over 150 years, for the better part of a year.

It was a dangerous, long, and painstaking battle that required almost a year to put out. 

As you’ll soon see, it was a real-life version of what the residents of Emery, California were faced with that day in September, 2013.

The Emery fire station on the corner of Fair Oaks Boulevard and East Peabody Road, pictured above, burned to the ground in 2013.

It is now one of the few remaining structures left standing.

It was a fire that was started when the sprinklers failed, the fire department had to move quickly to extinguish the blaze, and firefighters had to contend with high winds and a strong blaze.

The flames were so fierce that one firefighter had to use a sledgehammer to break through the charred remains of a nearby house. 

In a post on his personal blog, Emery resident and firefighter Mike Brown describes what it was like working at the Emery station, in an interview with ABC 7 News: It’s a beautiful, beautiful building that I’m so proud to have built, that I think is the best building I’ve ever been involved in.

It’s beautiful, it’s historic, and it’s full of the people who make this place so special.

The only way to describe it is that you’re there for a reason. 

When the blaze started, Emerys residents were devastated.

A few days later, the Emerys Fire Department had to leave the building to save firefighters from a possible collapse.

“The building was literally the biggest pile of rubble in the whole of Emerys, so it was really a disaster on many levels,” Brown told ABC 7.

“I had to evacuate all of my neighbors because of the fire.

I was able to stay for a week.”

The fire destroyed the building and left it in ruins, but the community of Emeries has been able to rebuild its building and keep it going as a memorial to its community.

The first two floors of the Emeries Fire Department’s station were demolished by the blaze.

The third floor remains intact, however, as the Emeria Fire Department uses it as a classroom for students. 

The fire department’s building has since been repurposed as a community center. 

Emery residents, who are also known as the “Firefighters” of the town, still hold the building in a very high regard. 

“I love it,” resident Darryl Burchfield told ABC7.

“It’s just beautiful, and that building, that building was a wonderful thing to have here in the town.”

The Emerys fire station building has been used for classes since its construction. 

On the second floor, the school, which has a large collection of old photos and artifacts, is also on display. 

Brown said that the Emeres Fire Department has been doing this project in the city for over 20 years.

“It’s an honor for us to do this, to be able to put these pictures and artifacts here for people to look at,” he said. 

But there is still one thing Emerys can’t get rid of.

 “There’s a lot of history in the building,” Brown said.

“So it’s going to be really interesting to see how people react to it.”

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