How to build a starsector station in Hanborough building

A starsector building built in Hanham in 2017, has received a new look after a local councilor gave it a new coat of paint.

A local councillor in the area of Hanham bought the building in June 2017 for around £25,000 and has been renovating it.

The building was bought by local council president, Robert O’Sullivan, who said it would be a great opportunity for the area to be a hub for science and research.

“The building has been completely rebuilt, it is an incredibly inspiring building, it’s a great piece of history, it will be great for science in the town and also the surrounding area,” Mr O’ Sullivan said.

The councilor said the colour of the paint had been chosen to reflect the historic appearance of the building.

“It has been a very unique opportunity to work with an incredibly strong local community, and the building has received the best of everything from a local perspective,” Mr Sullivan said, referring to the paint.

“We will be bringing a lot of science, technology and engineering to the area.”

The building will also become a venue for local residents to meet and meet with scientists.

“I hope we will have the opportunity to have people from the community come and meet up and talk with us and we will bring science and technology to the town,” Mr McEwen said.

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