How to make your own pump station in your basement

What you’ll need: – 3 feet of 4mm PVC pipe – 1 to 2 lengths of PVC pipe (2 to 4 feet) – a drill or wire stripper (optional) – some metal pipe clamps (optional but recommended) – 2-4 feet of 2-inch PVC pipe.

– a 1-inch or 2-foot extension to attach the pipe to the wall.

– 2 feet of 1/2 inch pipe (optional, but recommended).

– some drill bits or screws.

– the necessary electrical components, such as a 5-volt battery.

– any tools for building.

Step 1: Cut the pipe into 3-foot lengths and glue the two ends together.

Step 2: Cut a 1/4-inch extension from the end of the pipe and attach it to the PVC extension.

Step 3: Connect the extension to the end with a wire strippers or clamps.

Step 4: Connect a 1 to 1 1/8-inch section of the PVC pipe to each end of one end of 1 1 /4-inches of 2 inch PVC pipe that was cut from the pipe.

Step 5: Add a 2 to 1 inch section of PVC to each of the ends of 1 and 2 inch of 2 to 3 inches of 3 to 4 inches of 1 to 4 inch PVC that was attached to the extension.

Use your clamps to secure the pipe end to the pipe extension.

Add 1 inch of pipe to 1/3 inch PVC to form a ring around the pipe pipe.

This ring should be a diameter of 4 inches to 6 inches.

The ring should also be attached to 1-1/2 inches of 2 1/16-inch of 1 inch PVC, so the ring can be attached securely to the bottom of the pump station.

This will help to keep the pump running and allow for easy cleanup.

Step 6: Attach the pipe ring to the pump tower and hang the ring from the ceiling of the tower.

This prevents leaks.

The pump tower should be on the lowest floor, not the roof.

Step 7: Cut 1-foot sections of 1- to 1.5-inch diameter PVC pipe, and cut the lengths to 1 to 3 feet.

Use a wire cutter or wire clamps, but make sure to use a clamp that has a 5/16″ or larger diameter.

For best results, cut the length into 3 to 5 pieces, then assemble the pieces with the pipe rings.

Step 8: Attache the rings to the pumps, leaving a 1 1 1,000-volt (5 volts) battery between the rings.

The battery will provide electricity for the pump system.

Step 9: Install the pump stations.

Plug the battery into the wall outlet of the building.

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