How to stop a fire on a building: ‘Put a big fire extinguisher in there’

In the case of a large fire, a sprinkler system would have been the first thing to go, but in a residential building, a small fire extinguishing system would be a good idea, too.

“If you have a big building that’s getting a lot of heat, it’s going to need a lot more water, it may need more water to cool it, and it may be taking more energy to cool that fire,” said Paul K. Johnson, director of fire protection at New York City Fire Department.

“It’s not going to be a fire in your living room.

It’s going, like, on your living-room floor.”

When a fire is under control, it typically spreads to other parts of the building, and people living in that area are exposed.

In the event of a fire spread to an entire building, people in that building are often forced to evacuate, because they’re on the ground floor, and they don’t have the resources to get back to their homes.

That’s where sprinklers come in.

In most homes, a system of sprinklers can be installed at the ground level to contain and contain the flames, according to Johnson.

“You don’t need sprinklers on the roof because the ground is saturated,” he said.

“So in the event that a building goes up in flames, that sprinkler is going to help keep the fire from spreading.”

It can be a challenge to put sprinklers in a large building, but there are many solutions available.

Some people choose to put a sprinkling system on the ceiling, Johnson said.

“In my opinion, if you have an enclosed space, there’s not a great deal of insulation,” he explained.

“You’re going to get a lot heat, and that’s what you want.

So if you can get the heat out of a room and put the sprinklers up, you can probably contain it.”

But in most residential buildings, the sprinkler systems installed at ground level can only be used for a short period of time.

“A sprinkler’s a little bit smaller, and so it’s less effective for a very short period,” Johnson said, but he also said that sprinklers are “a good thing” in certain situations.

“When you have very heavy fire, you have to do some things that are not going very well, and then you have some sprinklers,” he added.

“If you want to do a fire, there are certain situations that you have.”

For example, sprinklers would have to be placed in areas where a fire could spread.

“There are certain areas in residential buildings where it’s really good to have sprinklers installed,” he continued.

“And in those situations, you might want to put them in the attic, the garage, and maybe in some other areas.”

To put a system in place, the person installing the system must have a fire extinguishr, which is a device that can be used to put out a fire.

Johnson said that the sprinkling systems installed on buildings could be used in emergency situations, as well.

“It could be useful in the worst-case scenario,” he pointed out.

“As a result of a very, very severe fire, that you’ve got the fire coming through your windows, you need sprinkler service in that room.”

He added that a sprinklers system in a building could also be used when a building is on fire.

“The sprinkler may be good to do when you have really heavy fire coming out of your building, or it could be good for that,” he noted.

“I think it could also help a lot with a very serious fire, where you’ve actually got a lot, if not all, of your walls covered in flames.”

So you want sprinklers at ground, in your attic, in the garage.

And you can put them on your walls in that case.

But not everyone is comfortable installing sprinklers.””

The sprinklers could be there, so you don’t even have to put the fire out.”

But not everyone is comfortable installing sprinklers.

“Even if you’re not sprinkling, it might be helpful for you,” Johnson warned.

“I know a lot [of people] have never put sprinkler on their walls in the past, so it would be helpful to them.”

There are a number of other solutions that homeowners can use to protect themselves, including putting sprinklers inside their homes, putting them in a garage, or installing them outside the building.

In New York, a new rule was put in place this month that will allow residents to install sprinklers outside their homes at their own risk.

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