What you need to know about Bournemouth’s new Bournshire Station building

The new station building at Bourn.

Source: Bournewsource.co.uk/article/bournshire-station-building-building It’s no secret that there is a massive amount of interest in Bourn’s new station.

The current station, which opened on Monday, is the second of two in the area. 

But the new building has been designed to accommodate the station’s expansion. 

The design of the new station, designed by architectural firm Bournewsource, includes a glass façade, a glass roof, a retractable roof and retractable floors.

The station will be the largest in Bounemouth and has a capacity of over 50,000 people. 

There will be a number of different stations in the Bourneston area, including the new Bounsey Street station and the new Bourneston and Staunton Station, both at the base of the hill.

Bournemouth Borough Council has been tasked with ensuring the new tower is safe and secure, and there is some controversy surrounding the design of a new station being built in the borough. 

In the early hours of Thursday morning, the local newspaper The Courier and Observer reported that the council had “lost contact” with the developer, BournEWsource. 

However, a spokesperson for BournetheCity.co, which is responsible for the station, has now confirmed the site of the building.

The spokesperson confirmed that the site was still under consideration and would not be finalised until later this month. 

A spokesman for Bokebridge Borough Council said the council was “committed to ensuring the safety of our people and the environment”.

Bournewource has been given the task of designing and building the station. 

Its spokesperson told the Courier and News that Bourneys project team had spent more than 30 days at the site, in addition to the two weeks needed for finalising the design. 

“We have designed a design that includes a wide variety of features, including a retractible roof, flexible floors and retractible floors, and an interior that is both contemporary and traditional. 

This has enabled us to include a number more stations and stations in this area than were originally envisaged, and has resulted in a wider and more diverse range of stations, including new stations to be built,” the spokesperson added.”

In addition, the site has been constructed in an environmentally sustainable manner, with an energy-efficient roof system, a solar roof, and a glass exterior façades that have been constructed with a solar heat shield and a thermal insulation. 

Bokebridge has also invested in an energy efficiency system that ensures the station is able to maintain its current operating capacity during the summer months.”

A Bournestone and Stannard station at the new site. 

Source: BokeestonandStannard.co (Bournewssource) There are also plans for more station buildings to be constructed in the areas surrounding the station site.

This is all part of the £1bn regeneration of the borough, which will include the construction of the first station in the town, which should be finished in late 2019. 

It is believed that the B&B and St Annard stations will be one of the largest buildings in the country. 

More than 300,000 homes will be connected to the new system, with the station also expected to include two lifts and lift car parks, as well as a restaurant and shops. 

With the new stations, B&W and StAnnard stations are expected to be the first new stations in decades in the city.

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