When the Easton Station Building in easton collapses, people are left stranded

A massive collapse of a large building in east Perth has left people stranded and some without electricity in the city centre.

The Easton station, which was completed in the mid-1960s, was one of the largest buildings in Perth.

It is one of only two buildings in the east to have been designed by the renowned architect, Robert Moses, and it has served as a hub for many different industries and services including the Perth Opera House.

The structure is also a major landmark in the town, with many businesses and restaurants located there.

A spokesperson for Easton City Council said on Monday that the building had been on a list of “risk factors” and was on a mandatory evacuation order until a decision was made on its safety.

“This has been a difficult decision to make, but it is also the right one for our city and our city residents,” the spokesperson said.

“We are working with the local authorities to ensure that all residents and businesses in the area can get back to work safely and with the least disruption.”

In a statement to the ABC, Easton Council said it was committed to the safety of its residents and to the safe and dignified use of the building.

“There has been no loss of life or property and we are working closely with the Perth Coroner’s Department to investigate the circumstances of the collapse and the cause of the incident,” the council said.

In a separate statement, the Perth Corporation said that it was providing assistance to residents affected by the collapse.

“The Perth Corporation has been in contact with the EastON council, who is providing assistance as part of the ongoing emergency response,” the statement said.

The council said that an estimated $60 million in property damage was expected.

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