When the UK government’s Brexit-denying press conference ends in disaster

Theresa May’s press conference on Tuesday had its own problems.

After an awkward start, she announced she had secured a new trade deal with the European Union, paving the way for the UK to leave the bloc.

But it quickly turned into a disaster for the Brexit-fearing British public.

Here are some of the most bizarre moments of the day.


May’s Brexit strategy, in five tweets. 

 The Prime Minister was trying to make it seem as though the UK is leaving the EU, even though the Government has not announced what it plans to do in the meantime.

This led to the Prime Minister tweeting out a series of tweets, which quickly turned the press conference into a press conference.

This is the first time the UK has ever tweeted its strategy to a major news outlet, and May was not very good at it.

Her first tweet was a short description of her position, followed by an image of the Prime Ministers logo.

 She then started talking about the UK’s departure from the EU. “

The decision is a matter for the Government.” 

 She then started talking about the UK’s departure from the EU.

“We are leaving the European market because we believe in free trade and the rule of law,” she said.

She said: “We have also decided that, in the long-term, the UK should leave the European Single Market, as well as the customs union, which will enable us to move our trading with the rest of the world.” 

She added: “It is important that we do not leave the Single Market and Customs Union.

It is essential that we keep the UK in the customs Union.” 

The UK’s exit from the European Community (EC) will be triggered by the next Prime Minister’s decision on Brexit. 

May’s first tweet also implied that the British people will vote in a referendum on Brexit in the autumn.

But the Prime Minster’s first Twitter post was not in support of the UK staying in the EEC, but rather a warning about Brexit’s impact on the UK. 

“The Government is making the most of the opportunities it has to improve the UK economy,” May tweeted. 

The second tweet suggested that the Brexit vote would be “not as dramatic as we would have hoped”.

It also included a link to a blog post on the Government’s economic policy, which claimed the Government was planning a £2bn boost in the National Minimum Wage. 

But there was more.

May also tweeted out a message that said: ‘This is a decision that we will be making as a nation.

The Government has made this decision because we are determined to protect the future of our country. 

‘We are not going to take this decision lightly.

‘It is our job to protect our people, our economy and our jobs.’ 

She was right.

The UK has yet to announce its plans to leave.

But a new Prime Minister could easily change this policy in the coming weeks. 

More on Brexit: The Brexit press conference has ended in disaster as Brexit talks go south.

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