How to build a petrol station in Glasgow

By Tom Harris”What is it like to be a petrol shop?”

It was one of the first questions I had to ask myself when I was told that I’d be working in a petrol-stamp building for the next three years.

A lot of the work that goes on is quite manual.

There are different types of machinery, and they need to be moved.

They can’t just sit there and be there for the entire building.

The work itself is pretty daunting.

The shop has to be able to operate independently, and be able and willing to move from building to building.

The biggest challenge is getting the work done, which is why we need to build everything in one building, which means there’s only one mechanic.

There’s no way you can fit everything into one building.

And it’s very expensive.

The first building was a single-storey building that we started in the 1980s, but it took us a year to get it up and running.

It cost about £100,000 to build it.

We used to have two-storeys for our petrol stations.

It was a lot more work than we wanted, but we had to get things built and we were really happy with it.

It’s a bit like the car industry, in that you have to start somewhere and you can’t get it out of the ground.

The petrol station building in Glasgow was built by the same team who built the car factory in Liverpool.

They started off as two-building buildings, but they were actually three buildings.

The car factory was built at a time when there was no other place to build cars.

In the 1970s, the number of car factories was going up, so you had to go to a bigger factory.

The first car factory we built in Liverpool was a three-storery building.

In Glasgow, we were lucky to get the same type of building as the car plant, but our petrol station was bigger, and we built it in a smaller space.

When you’re building a new building, you need to start with the basics, so the first thing we did was find out what was required for a petrol pump.

We had a lot of information and we came up with a plan to build our first petrol station.

The plan we put in the building was that we would have to get a pump that could run at the pump and pump fuel.

We needed a pump with a hydraulic system, and a pump at the end of the road that could also pump water.

We got that.

That’s the way we built our first pump.

It was a long journey, because we had all the requirements for a pump but we didn’t know what we were going to use the pump for.

We found a pump manufacturer who would build pumps for us, and I worked with the guy, and he was really friendly.

It took us two years to build the first pump, which cost £25,000.

We bought a large-capacity diesel motor, which we used to drive our petrol pumps.

We went to a local petrol station and used the motor to drive the pumps, and then we used it to drive a truck and put the pumps in the trucks, which was a really great experience.

The second pump was for our water supply.

We could use a pump to supply the water supply, and it had a hydraulically operated system.

We also had to buy a pump and hydraulics, so we bought a pump from a company called Fyndham that had been supplying us with pumps for years.

We were very happy with that pump, and that’s how we got water.

We also built a pump, a generator, and the generator to be connected to the pump.

The generator would generate electricity and the water would then be fed to the water tank at the back of the station, which would then feed the pumps.

It worked really well.

We actually didn’t have to spend a penny on this building.

It’s just the first piece of infrastructure we’ve got.

The third pump was actually built in Glasgow, which also went to Fynham.

We’re using it to supply our water from the pumps at our water pumps.

The Fynmans pumps are the most efficient in the world, so that’s what we’ve used to supply all our water, and for all our other infrastructure.

We built that in two years, which took us to about six months.

We’ve got our water supplies running.

The second pump is connected to a diesel generator that was built from scratch in Glasgow.

We’ve got the electricity to power the generators.

We don’t have the pumps to pump the water, so it’s just a generator that’s plugged into the generator.

It wasn’t the biggest pump in the country, but the Fyncans pump is the most advanced in the UK, so they’re our go-to pump.

It runs at 100kW,

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