US president Donald Trump will sign executive orders to ease regulations on coal, gas and oil production

By LIZ MALVEAUX and MIKE BARRATTAENAPIn the midst of an economic crisis that has sent the global economy into free fall, President Donald Trump is moving to ease environmental regulations that have been imposed by the Obama administration.

Trump, in a statement released by the White House on Friday, signed an executive order to reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector.

It also lifts the moratorium on the coal leasing of public lands and waters, and allows coal mining to resume.

It is the second executive order signed by Trump on Friday to ease climate regulations.

He signed a similar order on Friday that allows the Environmental Protection Agency to delay rules that would require the closure of coal-fired power plants, the White Department said.

Trump is also expected to sign an executive action to expand coal leasing on public lands.

It allows coal miners to be able to obtain leases in the western United States without having to obtain federal permits.

The Trump administration is also planning to ease rules on the sale of oil and natural gas by putting more of the burden on oil companies to secure permits, according to two sources familiar with the plan.

The move will help reduce the number of permits needed to drill on federal lands.

The administration also wants to end the federal ban on offshore drilling, which is widely seen as hurting oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and other remote areas.

The move is expected to reduce pressure on the Energy Department to provide more grants to help drillers get permits, the sources said.

The new executive orders are expected to be signed on Saturday and are expected within weeks, according the White Senate office.

The White House said the orders would help ease environmental restrictions imposed by former President Barack Obama.

In January, Trump said he wanted to ease the regulatory burden on coal mining companies.

He has since reversed course.

The coal mining moratorium on federal public lands has been lifted and the president is expected soon to sign a waiver allowing coal mining on federal land.

Environmental groups have been pushing for Trump to lift the moratorium.

The Sierra Club, for example, said Friday that the administration was taking a “lame excuse” to make the change.

“President Trump is trying to put on a show of strength to his supporters,” said Sierra Club President Mike Brune.

“He’s not trying to protect the health and safety of Americans.

He’s trying to make it look like he’s trying his best to do what he says he’s going to do, but he’s not.”

Trump, meanwhile, is expected in the coming days to sign another executive order aimed at easing regulations on oil and coal production.

The order is expected sometime this week.

Environmentalists have been disappointed that the Trump administration hasn’t taken steps to ease restrictions on oil production, which they say is the most polluting form of fossil fuel.

The president has repeatedly vowed to increase U.S. oil production.

Trump has also pledged to roll back regulations on new coal mining.

But some experts worry that such actions could put the United States at a competitive disadvantage in the global race to secure new coal-producing areas.

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