What it means to be an astronaut in orbit

As the International Space Station prepares to launch aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Date Line in Kazakhstan on May 4, 2016, NASA astronaut Tim Kopra and his crewmates will begin a series of tests on the station’s internal systems.

The Soyuz capsule will fly on a test flight to the ISS on May 11 and will land on the Taurus module, where it will be returned to Earth.

But the first test will also be a test of the station itself.

The ISS is the largest artificial-gravity experiment in the world, with a total weight of more than 4,000 tons.

During the first five years of the mission, the station will be loaded with more than 100 metric tons of cargo and experiments, including a suite of robots that will help engineers measure and understand the station.

The mission will culminate with a crewed mission to the station on May 28, when the station reaches a height of more,834 feet (1,769 meters), and will be moved back to Earth for a landing on the shore of Lake Baikal in Kazakhstan.

During its stay at the International Plateau, the spacecraft will be monitored by satellites and cameras, and the station is monitored by ground-based and orbiters.

In addition to a range of tests, the ISS is also the first of its kind to test the effectiveness of robotic systems, which are essential for future manned missions.

The first of these tests is expected to take place during a test mission in mid-April, and will involve the crew using a robot called the Cygnus to maneuver the ISS around the International Day of the Earth, known as International Day, on May 3.

NASA’s space agency also has been testing new robotic systems to assist in the station lifecycle, including the Crew Safety Experiment (CSME), which will simulate a potential explosion of the space station during a docking with the station after it has touched down in Kazakhstan in March 2019.

NASA also plans to test a series to see how well the station can support astronauts on a long mission.

The next phase of the flight will involve a docking test with a Soyubo spacecraft, where astronauts will test their ability to dock the Soyuz vehicle with the ISS.

In 2019, a Soyuk will launch to the space shuttle Endeavour for a two-year mission, with the first crewed docking being performed in December 2020.

The end of the Endeavor mission will mark the end of Soyuz’s seven-year stay at Kennedy Space Center, as the Soyuk’s engines will begin to fade and the vehicle will become uneconomical to operate.

NASA is planning to send the first Soyuz crew to orbit in 2022.

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