What’s in the new UK’s £2bn new nuclear bunker?

A new UK government report has said the country’s new nuclear weapons build-up is “not as expensive” as the UK’s current nuclear weapons programme.

The report, released on Monday, says the country has the most expensive weapons complex in the world, with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes, which is a “significant leap” from the 2,600 tonnes of weapons that are currently under construction at the Royal Navy’s Faslane naval base.

“In the early 2000s, we did not have a credible, cost-effective approach to nuclear weapons and, as a result, the UK did not secure its first nuclear weapons,” the report said.

The UK’s Trident system, which includes nuclear-capable ballistic missiles and bombers, is one of the world’s most advanced and most expensive systems.

The British government has long argued that the nuclear deterrent is the key to maintaining Britain’s international standing, and the report claims that the system has been cost-effectively designed to meet the UKs defence needs.

The Royal Navy, however, has been pushing to scrap Trident in favour of a modernised version of its Trident II missile system, and in December the government announced that the UK would spend £1.5bn on a new nuclear deterrent system, called Trident II.

The new report says that the new system, in contrast to the current system, is “significantly less expensive” and that it would “improve the performance of the UK nuclear weapons.”

The report does not say when it will be delivered, or if it will include new details about the weapons system.

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