Why this is the greatest draft pick ever: The NFL’s draft is finally upon us

The NFL draft is here and it’s getting even better for teams that can build a team around a quarterback.

After years of drafting from the middle of the field and relying on players like Teddy Bridgewater and Christian Hackenberg to carry them to the next level, the league is finally getting a dose of high-impact players in the draft.

Here are 10 players the league will likely see on their rosters:1.

Jameis Winston2.

Ezekiel Elliott3.

Christian Hackenburg4.

Marcus Mariota5.

Dalvin Cook6.

Paxton Lynch7.

Blake Bortles8.

Jaelen Strong9.

Vernon Hargreaves10.

Josh RosenIf there’s one thing the NFL draft really does give teams, it’s the ability to build an offense around a star quarterback.

In 2017, the Dallas Cowboys added a new dynamic to the franchise by trading up to select Dak Prescott over Dak Prescott and Dak Prescott.

This year, the Houston Texans have a new weapon in J.J. Watt, who can put up big numbers against the run and pass as he enters his prime.

The Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins are also looking to add new weapons in the secondary and a quarterback who can be a game-changer in the passing game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been linked to Josh Rosen since the draft but he hasn’t played in a regular-season game.

It’s a safe bet the Giants will be the only team to draft a quarterback in the top five in the 2017 NFL draft, though they could be looking to upgrade their offense with the additions of the best player available.

Here are some other players who could see time in the NFL this year:1, Ezekiel Elliott2, Dak Prescott3, Christian Hackett4, Jaelens Strong5, Marcus Marieta6, Paxton Locke7, Derek Carr8, Blake Bortsles9, J.T. Barrett10.

Sam Darnold

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