How to install a new building in a parking lot

The parking lot of the Cobb County Cobb Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Cobb Station Building in Cobb County, Georgia, is one of many sites that could be converted into homes for people with disabilities.

The project is part of a plan to transform an aging station building into an affordable housing complex for people who are experiencing homelessness, as well as for people in other underserved communities.

The Cobb County Metropolitan Transportation Agency is building the project with the help of the Georgia Department of Housing and Community Development and the Georgia Land Bank, and will be using the state-owned Cobb County Transit Center for the construction of the project.

“This is a historic site, so it’s a great site for people to live and work,” said John Oates, CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Administration.

The Cobb Station building is in Cobb’s downtown area, a historic part of the city, and it sits near downtown Atlanta. “

When we were looking at the project, we looked at all the existing properties that were vacant, and then we looked and we thought, well, how can we make this one a better place?”

The Cobb Station building is in Cobb’s downtown area, a historic part of the city, and it sits near downtown Atlanta.

The station was built in the 1950s, when Cobb was a smaller city.

The structure is part and parcel of Cobb’s history as a hub for commerce and as a gathering place for the city’s African-American community.

Cobb’s Cobb Street was named for the first black elected official in the city in 1885.

Oates said that in the future, he would like to see the Cobb Stations redevelopment into housing for people experiencing homelessness.

“The Cobb Station is the largest and oldest station in Cobb, and that’s a shame,” Oates added.

“We would like it to be a home for people that are experiencing some sort of homelessness.

And we want it to have a place to live, not a place that’s just a pile of trash.”

The project will be financed by a federal grant, and construction is scheduled to begin in late 2019.

Construction will be completed by 2019.

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