How to spot the stations in your area that are the hotspots for the coronavirus outbreak

The first sign of the coronas pandemic was a spike in cases reported in the U.S. in the summer of 2014, with a wave of cases beginning in early 2015.

The new pandemic has brought new attention to those cases, and it has given rise to the term “hotspots” to describe places where the virus has made its first appearance.

“We’ve seen a lot of cases, especially in people in the Midwest and West,” says John Pritchard, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

“There’s been a lot more cases of the virus in places where it hasn’t been before.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been tracking the spread of the new virus in many countries around the world, and the number of cases in the United States has increased in recent weeks, with an uptick in cases in New York and California.

A recent CDC study found that the virus had reached more than 20 million people, and more than 100 million Americans had become infected.

The number of Americans who have become infected with the new coronaviruses has risen sharply in the past two weeks, and there are now more cases in people who have been tested for the virus.

But while many people in a given area are likely to be infected with new coronas, the virus can spread more easily in places that are far from major cities and are usually quiet and uneventful, like rural communities or the South.

And while most of the time the virus is not found in hospitals or in the people who are hospitalized, there is always the risk that someone may catch the virus from a casual contact.

Some states have already begun to close down their entire state borders, limiting the ability of the federal government to provide health care to anyone who is not vaccinated.

But as the new epidemic continues, the state of Michigan is taking some precautions to limit the spread.

“I am just trying to keep people from getting close to the water and away from the people,” says Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder, who has ordered the closure of the state’s hospitals, schools, and public parks.

“I want to prevent the spread.”

The state is also restricting the amount of food and water that residents can bring into the city limits, and a few businesses are now turning away people who arrive by car.

There is no way to predict the impact of the outbreak on Michigan or the rest of the country, because the number and severity of cases have not been determined, Pritcher says.

“What we know is that if we don’t do something, then it will get worse and worse,” he says.

For the time being, the states most likely to see new cases of coronaviral disease will be those where the outbreak is spreading more rapidly and where it is more concentrated.

In many of the most densely populated parts of the United Sates, including California, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the spread has already reached epidemic proportions.

This map shows the most populous counties in the US. 

(Source: CDC) As the outbreak has spread across the United states, many cities have been forced to limit their outdoor activity, especially during the summer months.

At least a dozen people have been killed and more have been injured in California and at least three people have died in Texas, according to local media reports.

The Associated Press has identified at least 50 deaths and about 100 injuries linked to the virus, with at least two of the victims being children.

The state of California has been dealing with the pandemic for months and is still dealing with an epidemic that is at a level that is more severe than in recent years.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday that coronavid cases had increased by about 50 percent this year.

“We’ve already seen an increase in coronavirin use,” says Chris Jernigan, a health officer at the Department of Public Heath.

“In the last two weeks we’ve seen the use of a lot higher doses of the medication.”

California has seen an increased rate of cases this year, with more than 7,000 people infected.

In Texas, the county health department has reported an increase of about 2,000 cases, with 2,851 people being hospitalized, with 1,932 of those patients being infected.

Texas has the highest number of coronas cases per capita of any state in the country with more cases than all but one other state, according the AP.

Across the U-S., coronavides have spread in the same way that it has in other countries, with the U.-S.

experiencing its largest number of infections since the pandemics first appeared in China.

The most common cause of coronajides in the western hemisphere is coronaviremia, or COVID-19, which is

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