Why Emeryville Station is getting a new interior

Posted October 12, 2018 10:16amUpdated October 13, 2018 11:01am Emerytown Station is undergoing a massive re-design to make it a more welcoming space.

The station has been renovated from the ground up, and has been transformed into a hub for the community.

The interior has been completely redesigned, including the kitchen, lounge and even the new lounge, with seating for up to 20 guests.

The kitchen has been converted to a bar and restaurant, with the lounge converted to the bar area.

The bar area will now have its own seating area and the bar will be fully open to the public, allowing for the local community to gather.

The new interior is being built on top of the existing station building and will open in 2019.

The interior has already been open to community members since January 2019, and the first public viewing was held at the station on February 18.

The building’s original roof was torn down in December 2019 and replaced with a new structure, which was unveiled in October.

The new roof is being erected on the former railway platform and the interior of the new structure is being created to the station’s original aesthetic.

The current layout will remain the same, with some of the station building’s existing sections being used for the new interior.

The entire station building is being designed by a group of local architects, with local architects from Emeryvill and South Wales in charge of the project.

The current building was constructed in 1924 and is one of the oldest station buildings in Britain, and is a favourite destination for visitors from around the country. 

The Emery Village Station will become the new home for Emery Town’s largest and most famous event, the EmeryTown Festival, which will run from January 30 to April 7.

The festival takes place on the main stage at the Emesbury Park, with an estimated 700,000 people expected to attend.

Emery Town is a town of around 1,000 residents with a population of about 9,000.

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